New Online Video Delivery Option!

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 EdVid and Montessori Records Xpress have built an online library of over 500 Montessori videos for parent orientation, assistant training, materials demonstrations, leadership development (both public and private), Montessori pioneers and other topics.

An online service has many advantages over DVD delivery:

- Anyone in your school community (parents, teachers, administrators) can access the videos at any time.

- The video library is being updated and expanded continuously.

- They can be viewed by any internet connected computer or tablet.

- Online videos cannot be lost.

- Work on both slow and fast networks.

There are three packages available to fit your needs.  All subscriptions are school based regardless of the number of classrooms.  (one per campus):


Infant through early childhood -   $179 per year.

Elementary through middle school -  $179 per year.

Entire library -  $299 per year.


You can preview this service for one-month risk free (credit card required).  If you decide not to subscribe, your entire subscription will be refunded.


Download the list of videos for review here or call Eric Johnson at 937-767-7988.

List of All MRX Videos 2014

A Montessori teacher talks about the online video service

Subscription log-in information may not be shared with those outside your school community.  Violations of this restriction may result in subscription cancelation.

All of Educational Video Publishing’s Montessori videos are posted online as part of a subscription to Montessori Records Xpress (MRX).  MRX has also aligned all the K-6 math and language materials with the Common Core State Standards.  As you record a student’s progress with each Montessori material, MRX automatically aligns the record with the appropriate standard. For more information call Dave Rabkin at 1-847-603-4585.



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