NEW! Elementary 2 Math Demonstrations


Elementary 2 Math Demonstrations is a set of four DVDs providing over 130 demonstrations.  A complete list of these demonstrations is available for download at the sales site for this program.  Consult the product page under staff orientation for a video introduction and ordering information.

The DVDs Elementary Two lessons are excellent.
I appreciate the attention given to isolating each concept.
The descriptive language is carefully scripted and fluidly spoken. Precise manipulation of the materials is clearly evident.

Karin Niehoff, Crescent Montessori School

All of Educational Video Publishing’s Montessori videos are posted online as part of a subscription to Montessori Records Xpress (MRX).  MRX has also aligned all the K-6 math and language materials with the Common Core State Standards.  As you record a student’s progress with each Montessori material, MRX automatically aligns the record with the appropriate standard. For more information call Dave Rabkin at 1-847-603-4585.



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